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[IP] Re: Pregnancy and Diabetes

At 01:44 PM 4/11/00 -0700, Pamela wrote:
>i would like to hear how the actual delivery went for others when they 
>take the pump off and use a glucose and insulin iv for the blood sugars. i 
>will be induced at 38 weeks. i have also heard that you don't need insulin 
>during delivery and up to 24 hours afterwards. also how much did others 
>have to drop their basals post pregnancy, i was planning on trying a 50% 
>temporary basal rate and see how that worked.

For my first pregnancy I was on MDI and did the glucose/insulin IV deal 
during the delivery.  It worked fine, except I was terribly frustrated by 
the fact that the nurses would not give me bolus insulin until an hour or 
so after a meal.  I was induced so the "meal" consisted of fruit juice, 
jello (not sugar free), and broth.  Needless to say my blood sugar after 
that was quite high.

Since the nurses were handling the IV I have no idea how much insulin I was 
given during the delivery.

For my second pregnancy I convinced the doctor to let me keep my pump on 
during the delivery.  I took no insulin while in active labor but still 
went low, probably because I didn't turn the pump off early enough.  I did 
need insulin after the delivery, though.

Afterward my basals fell quite rapidly down to lower than what they'd been 
pre-pregnancy.  I think I also started with a 50% basal and just kept 
adjusting it.  I didn't follow a plan to adjust the basals, just kept 
tesing and re-setting, testing and re-setting.

Remember that if you nurse your insulin requirements will vary depending on 
how much the baby eats.

Good luck!


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