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Re: [IP] new pumps and cats

My cats have always chased my pump tubing and even my pump sometimes.  The tubing is very strong the cats will not put holes in it. the one thing you may need to be careful with is letting the tubing hang too far down. I have been sitting on the couch with my cats and one will jump down and be tangled in my tubing and rip my site out. this is the only problem i have ever had with my cats and my pump.  the pump is pretty durable so i wouldn't worry about the cats hurting the pump.

hope this will help


Joni Spurlin <email @ redacted> wrote:

I started on my saline solution in the pump training yesterday...when I was in the bathroom last night, with the tube dangling a bit, my cats were very interested

I was worried about if they would take a quick bite? or maybe when jump in my lap their claws would put a small puncture hole in the tubing.... would I be able to tell?

has this happended to anyone? could I tell if tubing got a small hole?


I have three cats that like to be attached to me at all times!

ps I named my pump charlie - because that is what he said his name was!

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