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Re: [IP] HELP! Ped. Endo in Austin/Houston/Dallas Areas?

In a message dated 4/11/00 8:53:38 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Their current endo in Austin insists
that the boy write down everything he eats for 3 months before even
considering whether or not he can get a pump.  >>

I suspect this isn't usual.  But I suspect it would be useful.  From my own 
experience, and from listening to others on this site over the last year and 
a half, it seems to me that really keeping track of the food precisely, both 
amount and kind, is often the difference between success and failure.  If 
someone is already able to do this, 3 months is too long a trial, but if 
someone has not been keeping track they will learn a lot by doing so, even on 
MDI.  Once you know how foods affect you (and this may vary according to time 
of day or month and what you have just been doing as well as what you will be 
doing next -- so takes a lot of info to make sense of it), you have a much 
better chance of really good control.

But this is to have the ability to get really good control.  I can't see a 
reason why it would be more necessary to do it if you are going to have a 
pump than if you were trying for good control on MDI (though you would 
certainly be able to use it more efficiently on the pump).  I guess the 
implication is that only "perfect" people are going to be able to have the 
pump in your town (as opposed to all those other places where only people 
with really bad A1cs can get it)

Linda Z  
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