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[IP] Diabetic Care

Still happening to my mother in law.
She sees this doctor that I saw once on her recommendation and was a wacko.
She won't change doctors no matter how hard I try to convince her.

Ok, so the other night my husband and I went to their house for dinner.  She
pulled me aside and was freaking out because she couldn't figure out how
much insulin to take.  She knew she would be eating a lot for dinner so she
skipped eating all day.  However she had taken all her morning insulin and
at this point had had a few lows that day and was low right then.  She was
telling me she couldn't figure out why?  So she asked me to help her and
what I would do in the situation.  I have been labeled guru diabetic of the
family. :)  Ok so she shows me a chart:

0-50  1u
50-75 2u
75-100 3u
100-125 6u
125-150 7u

Ok so pattern then goes up at 25pts/1u.  Looking at that I couldn't figure
out why it jumped from 3u to 6u but... Anyways, I asked her how much she was
planning on eating and she said..."a lot".  Ok that was helpful. I figured
out she was 55bg and that she doesn't have exchanges set or carb counting.
So she was worried since we were eating pasta, bread, cake, icecream, ...
for dinner, and she was only supposed to have 2u.  She said with meals like
this she usually takes 2 extra units.  So I told her to take 5u on a guess
and to get something right away for the low.  Then I told her to test more
that night and see what happens.  I told her that I carb count and that made
a big difference on MDI and the pump.  She told me she should get a pump so
she can eat meals like this more often!!!  Grrr...she could if she knew what
to do.  This doctor also doesn't tell his patients their A1C until the next
appointment.  She didn't even know what it was and said she didn't realize
it was important.  She takes synthroid but hasn't had her levels tested in 3
years!  The worst part is she drives all the way into Boston to see this
looney when she could go to my doctor who is 5 miles down the road from her.

Who is trying to get both her Mother-In-Law on the pump and away from her
doctor, and her Father on the pump and away from his worry about sleeping
with it.
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