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Re: [IP] rough sports

> Michael,
> When you said that Lilly disconnects all day when she is at the
> river, does she give herself shots of Regular then to get by or does
> she just connect every hour and bolus?  My daughter wants to do this
> also this summer - give her self little pump breaks when at the
> beach.  But Was wondering how to do it? 

This is one of those YMMV things. For many activities, the missing 
insulin is not needed as the extra activity burns off the carbs, 
particularly if we are IN the water. For just messing around at the 
beach, she checks every 2 - 4 hours -- basically when she gets 
hungry. You have to play it by ear. When things are slow, she will 
bolus a little extra before taking off the pump -- usually an hours 
worth. But if she will be doing a lot of swimming, it is more likely 
that she'll need carb intake instead. She has on occasion used R to 
cover for 4 - 5 hours at a time, but this has been the exception 
rather than the rule.

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