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[IP] poor quality of care/teaching

What surprised me about all of this is that we are supposed to have the
"best" there is here for children, and we were CONSTANTLY getting these 50
page handouts from the doc reveiwing the convention information and "latest"
treatment plans.
Yet we were told repeatedly not to exercise when he had ketones.  Pumps were
not an option under age 16.  Anywhere. Period.  They'd want to wait until
some kids had done it first and seen the track record, and there have been
numerous pump deaths due to hypos. Yada, Yada.  Trillions more things, like
U was not for children and on and on.

This new doc thinks we are FLAKES when every once in awhile he'll ask why we
did somthieng a certain way and we'll look at him funny trying to figure out
why we shouldn't have and what he could possibly mean.

The thing is, you don't know what you don't know until someone realizes you
don't know it and reteaches you!   So we are discovering some pretty stupid
stuff about our thinking.
Charisma :)

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