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Re: [IP] special fittings for diet/regular

Once upon a time.........

A few months ago I was at a fast food place and they were getting rid of diet
I checked it (diet 7-up) and found it wasn't diet, so I asked.  "We're changing
to Squirt and no longer going to have diet 7-up." was the reply.

I told them that they "should" put a label stating that it wasn't diet! They did

After seeing a couple people get the "diet", I made a somewhat (I tend to
down-play) excessive statement - amazing how fast a note was placed!

The statement was something like:  I'm thinking about calling the health
department, not having that labeled with the wrong combination of things could
kill someone.................

email @ redacted wrote:

> This a very interesting topic.  I am not diabetic, my son is.  When we eat
> out and he orders diet (Coke usually as it is the only choice), I always
> check them myself if he has any doubt.  For what ever reason I can really
> tell the difference.  In the last month we have gotten the wrong thing twice.
>  Once at a Denny's and once at a Taco Bell.  Both times we just asked for a
> replacement.  Both times it was gladly done.  We have noticed as my son is
> not an adult that looks like he would want to drink diet soda, the problem
> crops up more often than if I or both of us order a diet drink.  I think the
> servers just don't listen, that awful word As U Me.  The just give the kid a
> regular drink.
> Carlen

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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