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[IP] Re: comments and feeling like Pixie did

> Your choices were widely recommended at the time.  I chose a different
> route, because there was no way to prove someone did not have diabetes
> somewhere in their past.  [And I never went with the flow, always ornery]
> The discovery of insulin was less than 50 years old, record keeping was
> localized and the label diabetes was not always accurately applied several
> generations prior to our births.

In fact when I married, my doctor "slipped me" an *illegal* birth control
booklet. He said he'd hate to see me get pregnant right away. He was
uncomfortable saying it because this is wayyyyy before Roe v Wade, etc.
Therefore, 5 weeks later I was pg. For those who think home BG testing and
such were ALWAYS available (brown insulin was discovered in 1921),
'tweren't!   AGAIN, MY choice was to try to avoid a double whammy against my
kids. I can't go back and deliberately find someone with DM in his family to
satisfy the egos of anyone else on this list. So be it.
Jan H

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