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Re: [IP] carb counting

>To think of the many people out there who are just going along with old >treatment plans that are being fed to them by caregivers who don't bother to >get up on the latest stuff.

I'm sure some of you have heard me complain about the health care in our
hometown before, but here is another horror story... We have an
acquiantance still in that town. He is in his mid to late 50s and has
been diabetic since childhood. He was just taught exchanges in the last
year or two! Before that there was basically no notion of adjusting his
insulin intake to his carb intake. There may have been some adjustment
for items high in "sugar" like cake, ice cream, etc. but those were
basically forbidden anyway. Before anyone starts in on "well he is just
stupid for believing that", please know that this man and his wife are
both very intelligent, highly educated people. But both were raised to
trust and believe in doctors, and this is how things have always been
since they were young. If the doctor says it is normal to occasionally
find a diabetic unconcious, then you believe it. If you get a 2nd
opinion, the 2nd doctor is going to tell you the same thing. There are
no endocrinologists in this town, and it was not until this year that
his PCP suggested he might want to see one in another town. About that
time was also the first time they learned there are other insulins
besides R and NPH. I'm sure there are many more people out there in
similar situations, and not just diabetics. Its sad that until you get
"outside" the system, like we did, and can see just how bad it is, you
have no idea...
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