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Re: [IP] Pump and rough sports

> Hello,
> I am a diabetes educator who has a high school student age patient
> who I would like to get on the pump, but he plays basketball,
> football and baseball (pretty hard).... I think he'd do great on the
> pump, but he's afraid that 1)the infusion sites would always get
> torn up from his sliding into bases, getting bumped during football
> / basketball.... and having to deal with frequent disconnects during
> the games. What kind of guidance can you give me? Thank you for your
> input.

There are kids on the list who do all the above and more. My daughter 
is always disconnected during soccer games. In the summer, she is 
usually disconnected all day when at the beach, river running, the 
like..... except to bolus for meals or a snack. Heck of a lot more 
predictable than shots.
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