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[IP] carb counting (was not eating--just 'cause)

> I'm learning new things everyday!  Thanks.  I have been reading so much
> other types of insulin being used in the pump.  I was told I could ONLY
> Humalog - ever!


Sorry for the confusion!  I reread my original and see where I led you
astray.  What I meant was an MDI process similar to setting basal rates.
Where you fast and check your BS frequently and want it to stay in a narrow
range.  I did not mean using NPH or Lente in a pump.  In the MDI process,
the book says it should not rise or lower more than 30 points throughout
the test period, which never worked for me with the curves of both these
If Humalog is too short acting for you in the pump, you could look into
trying regular (the V one).

(the other) Jackie

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