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Re: [IP] carb counting (was not eating--just 'cause)

I'm learning new things everyday!  Thanks.  I have been reading so much about 
other types of insulin being used in the pump.  I was told I could ONLY use 
Humalog - ever!  I had been on Humalin N 15u in am and 5 u in p.m. and some 
Humalog if I "pigged out" on carbs in the evening.  My wgt stayed the same 
and my BG wasn't bad and I had a 7.2 A1C.  I've had only 1 A1C since being on 
the pump for 9 mos. cause I have been on and off short term steroids and have 
had several UTI's in the past yr. which has caused the BG to go up.  It was 
9.2 (ugh)
I almost wish I could go back on the Humalin N and just bolus for the carbs.  
Also, I don't know if my endo knows how to do the pump stuff or if he sends 
his pump pts. to the CDE which is what I did.  What are my options using 
different types of insulin?  I guess I could go into Little Rock and find a 
specialist in DM who would be better than a reg. endo.  Help..........You all 
have been soooooo good with your ideas and I appreciate it so 
much...............Jackie P.S. I live in Hot Springs, AR.  You can email me 
direct if that is OK.
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