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RE: [IP] pump brand q's

Amy Hochanadel <email @ redacted> wrote:

Hi everyone!:O)  Hope you all are happily pumping away!  I have already
introduced myself so now I just have a question.  All that is left is for us
to pick a pump and the Endo does the rest, I've researched the D pump, & the
mm 508 (this is for my son who will be 5 about the time he starts pumping)
and now the CDE wants us to look at the Animas pump.  Does anyone use this
one?  Or know anything about it?  The information on their webpage is pretty
intrigueing and I've requested info sent to me-but I'm not all that familar
with tech 'pump talk', I want to make the right decision for Riley.<<<

Since he'll be about 5 when he starts pumping, MiniMed has a 
feature in the 508 which might be useful that the others don't have 
as far as I know: the remote unit.  The pump itself can be put into 
"protect" mode with the buttons on the pump becoming inoperative, 
and boluses must be given with the remote device.  As the child 
gets older and is able to work the pump her/himself, then control 
can be given back to the wearer.

Jim Handsfield
work: email @ redacted
home: email @ redacted

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