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[IP] carb counting (was not eating--just 'cause)

> For my personal clarification here, when exactly did
> carb counting become popular.  When I was dx in '92 my
> nutritionist taught me exchanges.  I've done so much
> moving and swapped docs so much that no nutritionist
> had ever TOLD me to do things any differently.  Its
> only been in the past few days of hearing yall talk
> about carb counting that I've done the research and
> found out my methods are like... so five minutes ago...
>- -Sara G.

Well, I was just diagnosed last Sept 99, and they taught me exchanges.  It
was stupid, one night I was eating peanut butter just to get up to the
number of proteins I was supposed to have for dinner, the next I was making
myself a smaller burger so not to go over.  A couple months later I
happened to find the book "Stop the Rollercoaster" (the MDI version of
"Pumping Insulin") and was blown away by it, it was wonderful and as I read
it I thought I could finally do what the title says.  I switched over to
carb counting.  Unfortunately I had utter failure trying to set my basal
rates with NPH and then with Lente.  But back to carb counting.  I went to
a 4 day training program called DOIT at Joslin in February, and even though
I told them I was carb counting they wrote me up a meal plan with
exchanges.  So, I'd say that exchanges are still the norm out there.
Luckily my pump trainer (also at Joslin) is also a dietician, and she will
be doing carb counting.  It seems that every step in improvement of
treatment (carb counting, switch to Lente, pump, getting my old endo to ok
taking humalog at lunch instead of relying on a higher NPH dose, etc) is
one I have had to initiate myself.  You just have to do your own research
and push for it yourself.  To think of the many people out there who are
just going along with old treatment plans that are being fed to them by
caregivers who don't bother to get up on the latest stuff.


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