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Re: [IP] not eating--just 'cause

I know that my Mom freaked out when I first got my pump because she was sure 
that I was going to stop eating.  I am twenty three and I went thru a period 
during high school when I refused to eat anything. I wanted to lose weight 
and this seemed the easiest way  (I know it was a stupid idea). Then I went 
the opposite way and ate everything in sight (because of the diabetes I 
could do this and still lose the weight) This was just before I was dxd with 
d.  In fact she thought that I was a bulimic because I was eating so much 
and then always running to the bathroom.  When I went into the hospital I 
was 98 pounds at 5'5".  With the pump she was sure I would stop eating again 
since I no longer "had to eat".  This has not been the case.  Sure I skip 
meals but I eat plenty.  The pump has just given me the freedom to eat what 
I want when I want (has down side because I am addicted to sweets).  It can 
be really hard to break those habits because you feel like you are doing 
something wrong if you don't follow your diet.  On the pump you are NOT!!!  
That is the great thing. Just make sure that he eats a balanced diet and 
that he eats more times than he doesn't.  He will be just fine and be much 
healthier.  Good luck and happy pumping!!!!


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