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[IP] Percentages of having diabetic children

Hi, I'm sorry, I can't remember who wrote about what the actual percentages 
are of having a diabetic child if they are diabetic (I deleted the digest) 
but they had mentioned 1%-2%.  I recently read a book about women with 
diabetes during one of PMS-induced "Oh my god, what if I'm never able to 
have children?  What if my body can't take it?  What if I pass it on to 
them?" fits!!  I read this book to find out any information on percentages, 
etc. and I read the same figure- 1-2%.  I cannot remember the name of the 
book but it was relatively recent, not written in the late 70s like some of 
the books on diabetes I see on the shelves at Barnes and Noble!!  Kelly
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