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[IP] harassing phone calls

 snip< Our provider also wil only wait 2 weeks (insurance takes longer) to 
money form insurance. IF it doesn't come in 2 weeks then we get the
harassing ph calls after 8 PM and calls all through the day and so we pay
and do not get our money back.
Tell me what he would do then? We are dealing with a huge corporation and
we cannot afford to take them to court.  <

  All you have to do is 1) ask the name of the person you are talking with, 
2) politely tell them not to call you on the telephone any more, 
effectively immediately.   PERIOD.   Legally, they cannot call you on the 
phone after you make that statement.  If they do, contact the BBB and write 
their CEO with the name of the person you told not to call you, and date 
and time, etc.    Now, you will eventually have to pay them what you owe 
them.  My daughter had to pay them off at $5 a month.  They didn't like it, 
but legally there was nothing they could do because her payments were 
regular and on time.   I have a provider who tried that harrassment one 
time, BCBS takes several weeks or even months to settle claims.   I did 
just as I described above and never heard another word until the issue was 
resolved and I owed them nothing (had given a $20.00 co-pay at time of 
Try it, you will like it.  It works.
Bonnie Richardson

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