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[IP] re: fighting insurance co/credit rating

I spent 6 months working with a provider to get a claim paid.  The Insurance
(military Tri Care) had switched companies.  They were requiring a
pre-authorization form for something that had been done over 15 months
prior - before they had switched insurance companies.  The old company did
not require pre-authorizations for that procedure.  Have I lost everyone yet

Anyway, the medical office asked for my co-pay a mere $12.00.  No problem.
3 months later (now 18 months after the procedure), they asked for regular
payments to show intent.  This was a $1200 bill and all they wanted was
quarterly payment of $10.00.  They said that was to keep the billing
department from automatically shooting the works to a collection agency.

I got fired up and went the "I want to speak with a supervisor" route with
the insurance company.  Within a week the bill to the provider was paid.
Within a month, we got our $88 back from the provider (hubby had paid $100,
not $10 - so we got $100 minus the co pay of $12 back).

We were lucky.  The provider worked with us, understood the hassles with
which we were dealing, and made suggestions on how often to call, who to
call, etc.  All this for an MRI.

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