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[IP] Sinus infections

Hi, Susan.

> > I'm not sure what you mean by "before the infection has time to clear" --
> > the infection can take very little time to clear. The antibiotic is
> > continued for its full course to make sure that the infection is ALL gone,
> > but the biggest effect is usually felt very quickly.
>I beg to differ andrew!  You have it easy my friend.

Well, a thread on sinus infections might go for as long as some of them 
linger. <g>

>I usually do not get any symptomatic relief until after 7 days of antibiotics

Yeah, it depends. YMMV. Better put it twice -- YMMV. It sounds like your 
infections are difficult to clear. I've had some like that, too. However, 
*most* of the time, mine respond quickly.

>I usually get a 14 day course versus a 10 day course of antibiotics for 
>things like bactrim, augmentin, etc.

Yes, 14 days would generally be a long stint for me if the antibiotic works.

>I've also had several sinus infections that last for more than two months 
>until they are finally cleared!

Mine were chronic and fairly well hidden for a while. The only effect was 
on the insulin requirement, which was extremely erratic, but I was too 
obtuse to recognize it. Years later, I went through a period where they 
were more evident, but still chronic and, what was worse, unresponsive to 
antibiotics, no matter how long I took them. I've had all kinds of sinus 
infections before, in between and since.

Generally though, for me, if the antibiotics work, they work quickly. Yes, 
there are exceptions, but the person I was responding to was surprised at 
the suddenness of a drop in insulin requirement. When taking antibiotics, 
it's to be expected. Occasionally, I've had a drop in insulin requirement 
just 8-12 hours after taking the first pill. (The earlier I treat the 
infection, the easier it tends to be to eradicate.) It's the drop in 
insulin requirement, in fact, that tells me that the infection's been 
licked. What's certain is that if the insulin requirement remains elevated, 
the infection's still there, no matter what the upper respiratory symptoms do.

>Again, you are lucky!

Not with sinus I'm not. It's caused me far more grief than the diabetes and 
it's made the diabetes far more difficult to control.

regards, Andy

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