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Re: [IP] fighting insurance co/credit rating...long

> Our provider also wil only wait 2 weeks (insurance takes longer) to get
> money form insurance. IF it doesn't come in 2 weeks then we get the
> harassing ph calls after 8 PM and calls all through the day ....

Okay, I just asked hubby about this.  He said that collection agencies and
credit bureaus have to follow the FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act.  He's not a collector himself (he was a credit reporting officeer -
different job in the same office).  He said that it is illegal for
COLLECTION AGENCIES AND CREDIT BUREAUS (in bold - I'll go into why in a
second)  to do the following:

805.  Communication with the Consumer Generally.  Without the prior consent
of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express
permission of a court of competent jurisdiction, a debt collector may not
communicate with a consumer in connection with the collection of any
debt - -
            (1) at any unusual time or place or a time or place known or
which should be known to be inconvenient to the
                  consumer.  In the absence of knowledge of circumstances to
the contrary, a debt collector shall assume that the
                  convenient for communicating with a consumer is after 8
o'clock antimeridian and before 9 o'clock postmeridian
                  local time at the consumer's location; ................

It then goes on to list a few other things.  You can go to
http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpa/fdcpact.htm#806 to read the entire
document.  In other words they cannot contact you during what are considered
'off' hours :  i.e early in the morning or late at night, or on weekends
(let me add here that we were hounded for a month on weekends, late calls,
etc. by a medical provider - we told them we would take legal recourse if
they didn't leave us alone. They did).  Now here is the 'why' I was going to
get to.  Hubby said that this document doesn't have to be followed by
businesses that are collecting their debts (dr. offices, etc.) -  only by
collection agencies and credit bureau's themselves.  He thinks that they
should abide by them but they don't.  I would read the entire document for
further info though.  Ginny - - It is unfair for your doc's office to hound
you incessantly for money  - it could be constituted as abuse of your
privacy.  He also said talking to them about their procedures and policies
may help (note I said may - we all know some offices will help, some will
stick like glue to their rules), and if they won't bend, he said it might be
worth it to tell them that you are speaking with an attorney about the
matter -  this should shut them up for awhile, if not for good.  As I said
in my earlier post, it's just advice - my husband wasn't a collector, but he
does know about a good share of the rules, and I am just sharing them for
others to consider.  He said that the collection world is very confusing to
wade through, whether it's through a collection service that follows the
rules, or through a private collector that doesn't have to.  Good luck -

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