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Re: [IP] fighting insurance co/credit rating

> Ask you hubby if he ever tried to get his hard earned money back
> from the provider because he paid first..which is what the provider
> insisted upon and then they filed the insurance and kept that money
> which should have come back to us! Our provider also wil only wait 2
> weeks (insurance takes longer) to get money form insurance. IF it
> doesn't come in 2 weeks then we get the harassing ph calls after 8
> PM and calls all through the day and so we pay and do not get our
> money back. Tell me what he would do then? We are dealing with a
> huge corporation and we cannot afford to take them to court. Next
> time I won't sign that piece of paper saying we will pay..til we get
> our money back! Ginny
Tell them to pound sand up their you-know-what -- politely of course 
:-) Seriously -- ask for their assistance in working with the 
insurance company. After all, they are a contractor for the insurance 
company and also have certain contractual obligations. If they are 
lazy, it's not your problem -- they will not sue you for a measely 
5k, it would cost them much more to do that. If some collector calls 
you, tell them that the matter is in dispute and hang up. As long 
as the matter is in dispute, if they file a credit report against 
you, you have grounds to sue them for defamation. They will give up 
after a while. 

I used to be in the garment business -- the nastiest collection 
problems in the world. It is very hard to collect anything from 
someone who ignors you. My advice -- ignore the phone calls.

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