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Re: [IP] fighting insurance co/credit rating

> Okay, I asked my hubbie about this - he used to work for a credit
> bureau back home, and this is only his advice - i.e. we are not
> responsible for whatever happens.  VBG
> He said the bottom line is that we are all responsible for paying
> our bills, medical or non-medical related - depending on who your
> provider is, if they are nice enough to not report them to a credit
> bureau for collection, they won't show up on your credit report.  If
> your provider does report your bills as being 90 to 120 days late,
> they will show up on your credit report and negatively affect your
> credit history.  

Hmmm..... I have another perspective on this. One of my kids (not 
Lily) was very ill and required upwards of $600,000 of medical 
treatment over several years. There were lots of arguments about what 
should and should not be paid for ... ultimately I found out that the 
suppliers were much more helpful when there bills had NOT been paid 
and were always willing to wait until the insurance disputes were 
resolved -- some of these took years. A number of the disputes were 
never resolved and I refused to pay for some of the services -- like 
$4.00 asprin tablets (that's correct, not a typo). Needless to say, 
it has not hurt my credit that I can detect. I can not stress enough 
the issue of getting help from the vendor end in dealing with the 
insurance companies. The absolutely will NOT help you if you don't 
owe any money -- they just don't care, they got theirs.

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