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Re: [IP] not eating--just 'cause

>      How about the "leftover mentality" from the pre-
carb counting regimem
> days of 1 starch, 1 protein, 1 fruit, etc at 
mealtimes....For months after
> Melissa got her pump, I was still programming meals 
that way & STILL
> occasionally catch myself saying "oops - I forgot to 
make a starch!" LOL
For my personal clarification here, when exactly did 
carb counting become popular.  When I was dx in '92 my 
nutritionist taught me exchanges.  I've done so much 
moving and swapped docs so much that no nutritionist 
had ever TOLD me to do things any differently.  Its 
only been in the past few days of hearing yall talk 
about carb counting that I've done the research and 
found out my methods are like... so five minutes ago...

-Sara G.

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