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[IP] Pregnancy and diabetes/ Big Babies

I am interested in hearing of everyones experience with their pregnancies and 
having type 1 diabetes.  How many of you that have diabetes have children 
that have gotten the disease as well?

I am on my third pregnancy and this has really started to concern me lately 
after reading of all of the people on here that have children with d.  I 
asked my pediatrician this after my son was born.(he is now 3)  He said that 
children of diabetics risks of acquiring the disease doubles when having a 
diabetic parent.  But that the risk of a child getting it without diabetic 
parents is only 1%.  So that makes my children have a 2% chance.  Has anyone 
else ever heard this?  I've also heard many wives tales that mothers give it 
to sons and fathers pass it to daughters????  I am the only person in my 
family that anyone knows of ever having the disease for as long back as we 
can go.  There is no diabetes on my husbands side either.

My first son weighed in at only 4lbs 3 oz.  He was a 9 week early preemie.  
Doctors said it could be due to diabetes.  Second baby my daughter was 
induced at 37 weeks and weighed 7lbs 14 oz.  My endo says this one should 
actually be smaller b/c I just got the pump and it should help with the size 
of this baby.  I thought I was doing pretty well with one that weighed 7 14.  
That was on 4-5 shots a day.  Hopefully, my doc will be right.  I dont want 
another c-section.  

Dee Dee
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