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[IP] How Do I Know If I'm Making The Right Choice?

Dear Dawn:
For me, it was not a hard choice.  I wanted the pump for my daughter for 2 
years before the endo would prescribe it.  Sara, who is 9 has had it so much 
easier on the pump.  I am able to control her bg's more in range and correct 
the high bg's immediately.  She tended to run high in the afternoon at school 
because I often didn't calculate either her insulin correctly or she ate more 
at lunch that I thought she would or there was the dreaded birthday treat.  I 
found quite a bit of information at the MiniMed web site <A 
HREF="http://www.minimed.com/">The Home of Insulin Pump Therapy</A> and 
KidsRPumping web site <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/CamelsRFun/index.html">K
idsRPumping</A>.  She has a MiniMed 507C blue pump named Sadie, The Beast!  
She uses the sof-serter and it rarely hurts when she inserts it.  Sometimes 
she will get a more tender spot but the discomfort usually only lasts a 
couple of hours at the most.  Think of it this way, he currently is doing 4-5 
shots a day and the pump site usually lasts 3 days which would mean that he 
is injecting 12-15 times in a 3 day period.  He would only be inserting the 
pump site once in 3 days.  That would mean he wouldn't have to inject 11-14 
times!  That information by itself would persuade me to try the pump.  How 
does he feel about it?

email @ redacted
The question isn't why the pump....it's why aren't you pumping?
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