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[IP] Sports and Adolescence

In my case, I am now 23, IDDM-1 20 years, I wish I had had the pump back
then.  I just started the pump in December and would never ever go back to

However, I was a tomboy and was constantly running around doing some sport.
How my parents figured it all out and I got through it I don't know.  Back
then humalog wasn't around and the dosing of choice was R and NPH.  My mom
said during the summers should would not give me any R in the morning and
would reduce my NPH.  I would run a little on the high side(150-200) but
this was better then running low.  But then again it depends on how active
you are.  On my "lazy" days, my dose in the morning would have been 10 NPH
and 4R.

Pretty much it comes down to testing often and figuring out what needs
adjusting.  Make a guess that if it is more activity then normal that less
insulin and/or more carbs are the necessity.  As for the pump it just makes
each easier.  Less insulin is easier for the more spontaneous, "Oh yeah
didn't I tell you I had a game today?" situations.  No calculating for NPH
and time of day.

As for adolescence...still figuring that one out. :)

-- Sherry
Age 23
IDDM-1 20 years 
Pumping 5 months (12/7/99)
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