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[IP] Infected Sites and I.V. preps ?? Check

I.V. preps only active ingredient is only 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.  It is only
an antiseptic wipe.  The Inactive ingredients  are listed on the envelopes.
These other ingredients do make the skin sticky and this helps the tapes
stick better.  Regular inexpensive 70%  I P alcohol wipes have the same
antiseptic skin cleaning power.  Hibiclens made by Zeneca is used in many
hospitals as a more powerful antiseptic cleaner, but it still will not a
sterilize the skin.  I use I.V.preps some but they are sure expensive for
that little extra adhesive.
There are several other products to use to help the adhesives stick better
after a cleaning with the 70% IP Alcohol.
OSHA told dentists they had to provide  an antiseptic soap in their offices
but they would not name the products that would be acceptable.  {They really
did not seem to know what would work.}  After several years they said an
antiseptic cleaner; like Dial.
Charles  Soder------- DDS        IDDM  46 1/2 yr.  Pumping 3 1/2

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