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[IP] My Big Baby

I have been a type 1 for 23 years. I have given birth to 4 healthy children. 
My first was a 7lbs 9oz. girl.
Before i got pregnant with my second I started using an insulin pump to get 
my HbA1C down from 9.8. I used the pump for 6 months and got my A1C down 
below 7.0. Unfortunately, back then (1985) the infusion sets were very long 
metal needles and I constantly had problems with bleeding into the catheter. 
I stopped using the pump and went to the poor man's pump..ie.) 4-6 
injections/day to maintain good A1Cs. That pregnancy was my most difficult. 
I had previously miscarried 4 babies since my first baby and threatened to 
miscarry this time again for the first 14 weeks. After being off my feet 
until I hit 16 weeks, the pregnancy continued. 6 weeks before delivery, my 
bg got very difficult to control and I kept going into labour pre-maturely. 
They managed to hold me off until I was 3 weeks before my due date. They had 
done a biophysical ultrasound the day before and estimated the baby's weight 
between 7.5 and 8 lbs.. The baby was breech...bum first too. The next day 
while monitoring me the baby went into fetal distress. Within an hour I was 
in the delivery room and the Dr. was performing an emergency C-Section. The 
Dr. pulled out a leg first and exclaimed "This is no 7 or 8 lb. baby!" He 
tipped the scales at 9 lbs. 12 ozs. Glad I didn't go full term!! He was in 
the NICU for 10 days and looked like a giant in the incubator with all those 
tiny preemies around him. That was the last of any health problems for him!
I was telling him today about the posts about some of these large babies 
developing Diabetes. I was so shocked when he said (he is now almost 14) 
that he thought it would be FUN! I reminded him of all that I have to go 
through and how I never get a break from it. When I dropped him off he 
wanted me to do a bg on him, which I did. When I went to do the finger prick 
he kept pulling his finger away. Was this the same kid who had just said 
having D would be fun? He quickly changed his mind. His bg was a normal 6.6 
(119)and we were both glad.
I delivered two more babies after him, both vaginally, 8lbs. 11 ozs and my 
last and best controlled pregnancy, a 6lb.10 oz. girl.
Thankful for all of my wonderful children........Carolyn
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