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Re: [IP] not eating--just 'cause

Amen to that, Charisma.  My hubbie got mad at me the other night because I
hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.  I told him I wasn't hungry, that my
sugars were fine, and that was that.  He kept nagging me and nagging me to
eat something because he didn't want me to go low. I finally gave in after a
half hour fight - easier to eat something and bolus for it than argue about
it.  Bless his heart  - he's still in this mindset, he just wants to make
sure I'm okay! VBG
Dawn email @ redacted

> The "pre-pump" mindset is makingme loe my mind!  Paddy is up(just at 11:25
> am) and not hungry and not eating.
> I KNOW he is ok and this is a benefit, but I  keep having this nagging
> feeling I am going to have to pick him up with a spatula.

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