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[IP] alcohol

I too used to drink my fair share of alcoholic beverages (okay, okay, I was
in college at the time and was doing some after studying relaxing!!! VBG).
As is always said, YMMV.  I gave myself insulin (still on MDI at this point)
for beer, mixed drinks with juice, and sweet tasting wines.  My sugars, 99%
of the time, were great before and after the 'drinking session.'  Please
note I didn't drink to huge excesses, since I was always afraid of losing
control of my diabetes.  I didn't give myself insulin for drinks mixed with
hard alcohol and diet sodas or diet tonic waters, or shots of hard alcohol.
(I can tell the difference between diet and regular drinks just by sniffing
it.  It's a gift. My husband finds it creepy.  lol).   I think in the last
four months I have had a grand total of three beers and a couple of glasses
of wine - I have bolused a unit for each beer, and a .5 unit for each glass
of wine - sugars never dropped lower than a 90 or went higher than a 120,
but I don't drink nearly as much as I used to - especially since I seem to
have developed a high on feeling healthy since I got my pump!!!! :)

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