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[IP] Extending site life

Hi  Need some suggestions please! I use humalog in my MiniMed 507 and I
like to change my infusion site every three days. I used the Sof-Set
QRs and was getting inconsistent absorption. Tried mixing the humalog
with velosulin that I ordered and purchased at my own expense and didn't
see a marked change. Only tried this once or twice. My doc will not
write a prescription for the velosulin because she says humalog is not
approved for mixing with other insulin (didn't the Eli Lilly company rep
tell us at the Rally for a Cure that they would soon be producing
bottles of a humalog mix?). I changed to the micro Sof-Set QRs,
thinking that because I am on the thin side, perhaps the insertion depth
was too deep. After the first two uses everything seemed to be going
great but now that I've ordered a three-month supply of the micros
things have gone to whatever phrase you'd like to insert here. With the
past three site changes my bg numbers have been consistently high on the
third day. Extra bolusing has brought them gradually down. So, the sites
are going bad on the third day, right? Can the shallower depth of the
micros be causing the sites to only last two days now? I don't have an
endo or CDE to ask and envy all of you who live were these services are
available. I'm the only patient my doc has on a pump. I have samples of
the silhouette but I'm not ready to try that yet. Besides, telling me to
insert it at a 30 degree (or any degree) angle doesn't tell me a whole
lot. Any easy suggestions would really be appreciated.  .  .  .  Donna

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