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[IP] weight loss

i would say the first thing to do when you are trying to lose weight using 
food restriction AND exercise is to LOWER your basals.  Obviously if you are 
exercising more, you will need less basal.  If you are doing it with food 
reduction alone, then you should not need to lower your basals, as hopefully 
your boluses are accurate and you are not covering food with basal.

When I have a regular schedule, and know I am going to work out everyday at 
the same time (7:30- 9:45), I set my basal to go down about 5:30....I go from 
.5 to .2, and I put my normal basal back on about 9:30....if I am not on this 
 schedule, I will turn off the pump altogether during the work out, or on the 
way there and turn it back on during cool down.....this works for me. Of 
course if I have my basals set to go down at 5:30 and then I dont workout, I 
have to remember to add in the missed bolus or cover for a high around 

Exercise can have a lingering affect. so watch out for lows 12-24 hours AFTER 
exercise, or more..

Now if you are having lows and JUST doing diet modification, I'd say you 
first need to do basal tests cuz maybe they are slightly off.  If there is 
less fat in your diet, you may not need as much basal, since sometimes we 
unknowlingly raise our basals when reality we need to bols more accurately 
(voice of experience here)

In my personal opinion, it is better to have the basals set as LOW as 
possible to maintain a good range, and bolus for any resulting highs - 
remember you will rebound high if you crash...bolus conservatively to avoid 
the next rebound.

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