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[IP] need help/advice-fighting insurance-longish

grrrr. Some venting ahead. Really could use some help though...
Shane started pumping back in early Nov. For some reason, we never
received any bill from the clinic or statement from insurance about the
startup session until 2 weeks ago. The bill was for $480. Now the
insurance company has decided that they will not pay $164 for this
because they feel it is above what is "reasonable". I think that the
clinic has already had to submit a letter to them stating why the
startup was "medically necessary". So now my question is, do we appeal
this and try to make them pay the $164, or do we fight with the clinic
about being "overcharged", or do we just give in and pay it? It is only
$164 which we can certainly afford. However, we are also currently
appealing about $3000 in claims on Shane's last eye surgery (they
claimed it was more than "reasonable" also). I am afraid if we give in
on this then they will think we are weak and will deny our other
appeals. However, if they deny our other appeals, I plan on going to the
insurance comissioner. In the meantime of course, our account at the
clinic is getting quite overdue (the eye surgery was back in Aug) and I
am afraid that it is starting to show up in our credit reports. I don't
want to pay the clinic (even though we can afford it) because I figure
once they have the money, they will be less willing to help us fight the
insurance company and we will just be out the $3000. Thanks for letting
me vent. Any help/advice on this is greatly appreciated!
ps. The really bizarre part of all this is that the insurance company
paid the full $5000 for the pump and paid for all supplies since,
approved it within a week, no questions asked!
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