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[IP] Square Wave Question

>I give up......................what is a "square wave?"

MM Pumps, at least the most recent models have the option of bolusing with a
Normal, Square, or Dual Bolus.  A Normal bolus is the amount you want right
now, such as 1.5.
A square bolus asks you the amount of insulin and duration.  Such as 1.5u, 4
hours.  This will distribute 1.5u over 4 hours in addition to your normal
basal.  And the dual allows you to do a Normal and Square, it prompts you
for amount right now and amount to square.

The current disetronic pumps, and older MM pumps can mimic this by using a
temp basal.  I.E. if you have a basal of .5, and want to square 2 units over
4 hours you would have a temp basal of 1.0 for 4 hours.

Hope that helps,
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