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[IP] Dropping blood sugars with antibiotics

Hi, Nancy.

< Jenna's had to take antibiotics for a sinus infection a couple of times. 
I've noticed that while she's on the antibiotics, her sugar will run lower 
than average.  After she's run high because of the infection, the drop will 
be very quick - really before the infection has time to clear. >

I've had many, many sinus infections and have taken many, many antibiotics 
to help clear them up. Unfortunately for me, I have a lot experience in 
this area. ;-)

What typically happens to me is that the sinus infection raises my insulin 
requirement and/or makes it unstable. Eventually, of course, I'll start 
taking antibiotics. If the antibiotics work, in a matter of hours, or, at 
most, a couple of days, my insulin requirement will plummit. Since it takes 
me a while to rachet down the insulin I'm taking, this means I'll have 
hypos until I catch up.

I'm not sure what you mean by "before the infection has time to clear" -- 
the infection can take very little time to clear. The antibiotic is 
continued for its full course to make sure that the infection is ALL gone, 
but the biggest effect is usually felt very quickly.

regards, Andy

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