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[IP] How do I know if I'm making the right choice.

I have a 6 and half year old son who has had diabetes for 2 years. We currently are on 4 to 5 shots a day(humalog and lente). Still the numbers are erratic. I want the pump for him, but to be honest, I am nervous about making the right choice. From all I've read, it sounds like a great option for control and flexibilty, but it seems like a big step. I'm trying to educate myself, but there are so many different things to learn. I've been reading all the posts here, and one of the main things that concerns me is that it may hurt him. Site changes, putting it in the wrong way, which cannula to use.... I don't want to see him in any pain.  He doesn't seem to mind the finger pokes and the shots, so maybe it's just the mother in me more than anything else. But how will I know which products will be good for us? I guess I'm rambling now. Any advice out there for us?
Dawn, not wanting to make the wrong decision....