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Re: [IP] dieting and low BG

Wow!  This is exactly how so many of my days go.  I thought the pump was 
going to get this ups and downs leveled out.  I go along for l8hr. doing 
super good and then check and my BG is sometimes 47 or it just as likely may 
be 400. Even tho I have not eaten a thing.  This past year I am not likely to 
have any LBG symptoms until I'm at -45 or -50.  During the nite I no longer 
wake up sweating, and kicking the covers off, I just wake up and check and it 
is 35.  That is scary.  Just about the time I decide to change my early a.m. 
basals, (like last wk).  It all changes.  Last nite I went to bed with a 98 
feeling great about it.  Woke up with a 221.  Dawn Phenom?  Even though I 
have never had it before?  Last week I was having Reactions during the early 
a.m hrs.? I guess I'll never get it so we will all continue to play the game. 
 In the end, we will be winners as we will have given it our best shot!  (No 
pun intended).................Jackie
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