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RE: [IP] Alcohol

I'm sure someone else will answer this, but I can't resist.  I was told to
never bolus fore alcohol. Alcohol actually drops bg's.  The only drinks you
must bolus for are mixed drinks - fruit juice, regular soda, and some types
of wine.  I was also told to always eat with alcohol.  I must admit it
worked last week.  Went out with friends from work and ate sushi - had 2
beers.  Then went to a bar and danced and drank for the next 5 hours.  I
tested throughout the evening and was never over 150.  I was fine the next
day.  But as we always say - YMMV.  :-)

IDDM 15 years
Pumping Since 3/6/00

I was going to ask the same questions about a month ago.  I had had three
Light bears over the course of 4 hours one night.  Which I thought I was
bolusing correctly the whole time along with the snacks I was taking in
too.  Just chips and such. nothing overly high in fat.  I woke up the next
morning over 400 and close to 300 through out the rest of the day.  Since
then I have sworn off any alcohol more than 1 drink.  Oh yeah and I changed
sites too because I thought that was the cause.
Does any one have an answer?

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