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[IP] special fittings for diet/regular

It would likely not happen as it is so  expensive to tool new machines to do
a job they are perfectly happy with BUT what if they sold extra fittings?  A
store manager could buy a fitting that screwed onto the box fitting so ONLY
a diet hose(with extra fitting) could work with it.  It would still require
some preparation and attention to detail(which is what is often lacking now)
but it would be more do-able as far as the companies/money were concerned.
Say the manager could order them from the wearehouse and for an extra couple
of cents per box, the shipping company would include a certain number of
fittings.  Couldn't be prescrewed on, or the boxes would not stack properly,
or be considered Non- tampered.
But terrific idea!
Now, color-coding the boxes/syrup bags might NOT be too difficult.  Just a
bit of color added to the box production.  Or even the fittings. that would
not require retooling hte fittings, but merely adding some dye to the
plastic used to mold the fittings.  Would have to consider the likely
outtage colors for the colorblind, but that could be done.
So to whom specifically would we write?  Coca Cola?  Pepsi, or something
else(sounds doofy, but it could be somewhere else LOL)
I would actualy be willing to start a petition.  I THINK you can do those
over the internet, too cause I have "signed" one before, hoping it would be
legit.  Any ideas, please email off list if you think it would be off
subject.  And I will look around web today myself

Charisma :)

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