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Re: [IP] dieting and low BG

Today was the first day of my Protein Power diet.  after 2 cups of coffee and 
1 1/2 scrambled egg, the BG was 78.  Way to low if I am going to clean the 
kitchen cupboards and do 3 loads of laundry.  So..........I ate a low fat 
sugar free yogurt with 17 carbs.  Sure don't know how I will get thru the day 
without hardly any carbs.  My basals were set a while back and I only bolus 
for the carps I eat. My ratio is 1=15 Sometimes it's right on and at other 
times it's totally OFFl  Ugh.  I am learning I am not the only one though and 
that is nice to know.  I guess misery loves company.  Actually, I am just so 
thrilled to be alive and that my complications have been tolerable.  Here's 
to 60 more good years.  (I DON'T THINK SO). Later.............Jackie
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