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[IP] percentage or exact for night basal

OK, this might a doctor sort of question, but I'll try it.  I think it is
just as mathmatical as it would be medical so I think it is okay to pose

I am weary of getting up, and I feel I have enough night numbers to
extrapolate some useful data here.

He has gone to bed at lowish, normal and high numbers.  Obviously his
nighttime readings are different as he starts out differently at bedtime.

BUT, I am going to do some calculating today.

My question is, do I want to look for the exact number difference or the
percentage difference

In other words

if he was 256 and came down to 214 at the hour of .8 basal, is the answer
how much of a percentage he came down or how much exactly he came down?  Am
I saying that clearly?

And *hoping my math teacher is not looking* how would I calculate the
percentage, anyhow?  If anyone is brave enough to answer that, be VERY
specific! LOL  I be VERY math a'feered.

What I had thought was, I would  write down all the 10-11 pm numbers then do
the percentage or subtraction.  Then I would know what that time of
night/basal rate did.  Then I could go to 11-12 and so on.  Does this sound
about right?  I am starting to drool from lack of sleep here(kidding, but
maybe not for long) and think after 13 days I could make some good decisions
if I knew HOW!

Thanks all-your help is invaluable to me!  I soo apappreciate having you
here, willing to answer.  And listen!
Charisma :)

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