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Re: [IP] infected sites AND behaviour (LONG)

Kath, There's a difference between breathing and sneezing,etc.  If you are
just breathing quietly, all that comes from your mouth is air with a little
bit of carbon dioxide and water.  No bugs-nothing contageous.  If you are
coughing spitting sneezing snafring  or otherwise being gross, then all
sorts of nasty things can get aerosolized, and there then may be reason to
watch out for possible problems.  You don' t even have to be close for this
to happen.   But site infections are very rare even in snorters, so
methinks your CDE was being a bit too anal, if you ask me ;-)  YMMV

<<<<<<<<on the site problems:
Something I was warned about is to try not to hold the business end of the
set where you are breathing, as you prime it and are trying to see when the
insulin gets through.  My CDE emphasized this as very important in avoiding
infections.  If you are holding it up and close to your eyes while you try
to prime it, that could be enough to get the critters introduced.  I find it
helpful to look at the end of the set against a black background -- it makes
the drop of insulin easier to see.  YMMV.
Kathy Trondsen>>>>>>>>

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