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[IP] Re: Alcohol

Hey Laura,

I to sometimes drink more than I am supposed to but I try to stick with beer 
because I know how to cover it and it is predictable.  FOr every pint of 
beer I give myself 2 units of insulin because of the sugars, but you also 
have to remember that alcohol interacts with your insulin.  For some it 
makes them go high and for others it makes them go low (that's me).  It just 
takes time and practice to figure out what works best for you.  Now as a 
diabetic drinking regularly is not a good idea, but you can also talk to 
your doctor about it.  I flat out told my doctor that I drink beer at least 
once a week and I really did not want to give that up.  He of course told me 
not to drink at all but if I was going to, stick to beer because you can 
cover it better.  Since every one is different please make sure you check 
with your doctor before trying it on your own, but I thought the info might 

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