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[IP] My last message

Yesterday I posted this message  [CORRECTIONS IN ALL CAPS - not yelling, but
can't do bold with my server]:

My youngest son was over 8 weeks early, and weighed 7# 6 oz.  The largest
kid in the neo-natal unit.  And had huge feet (or so it seemed). He still
had the thin, thread like webbing between his toes and fingers.  He did stop
breathing during the first 24 hours.  Thank God they were able to bring him
around.  I didn't want to imagine how big he would have been if he went to
term.  He is 20 now, no signs of DM.  He grew into his feet and now towers
over his 5'2" mom.  We warned his sister and brother now [NOT] to tease him
he was younger, because we knew he would grow into those fee [FEET].  He
towers over them.  Now sure how tall he is now.  6' I think.

Sorry for all the mistakes - my sugar was only 13 at the time (thirteen -
not a typo this time).

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