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[IP] dieting and low BG

Hi everyone,
I have five different basal rates for two weeks out of the month and another
set of rates for the other two weeks, which I call my PMS rates.  I have put
in a call to my CDE and pump trainer because I think that I might have to
adjust both my basal rates and my carb ratio.  I get different BG's when I
am at home relaxing and doing whatever than when I am at work.  Wish I had
the 508, I hear that it has different basal patterns that you can program!
I don't use my basal rates as part of my bolus for meals. It seems that
everything varies on me hour by hour sometimes as I know it does for
everyone else also.
It's hard to get it all set and then you think everything is fine, and Wham
it's not.  Having the low of 37 yesterday afternoon just made me a little
discouraged about dieting that's all.

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