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[IP] Showing pump to others

> Just recently I started on the pump and I cant stop showing
> everyone I see my new "toy."

I've told you about my babies. I've been doing the DM stuff 49 years and 5
months -- I'm also the one who is having a BASH 11/4/00 to celebrate life
and survival. Well, the first baby (39 next month) doesn't want anything to
do with DM and has decided she will not get it. When I got a pump 8/23/83
and would run into people I had known years previously and they knew I had
DM, I would show them my miracle box. My dau would turn on her heels and
walk away, she was so embarassed by my actions.  I had begun home BGs a year
earlier - she married in '84. One day when she was hissy fitting I decided
her hubby needed some DM education because he only knew what she told him. I
explained it like a large-brimmed hat that would not come off my head. It
gave me shelter from the hot sun, protection from the rain, a nuisance when
sleeping, gets in the food when bowing my head to say Grace, could hit
someone I pass close by, etc. It stays on *my head* no matter what I do. No
removing it. He then clasped his hands behind his head with his arm spread,
leaned back and said, "Anytime we're with you this subject will come up.
Nobody wants to hear about you and you are going to die sooner than other
people anyway, so you might as well just face it."  I've told you somewhat
of my Mom and the *get dressed* stuff, etc.
    What does B.A.S.H. stand for? Bawling, Amazed (that anyone would care to
come - they're invited but highly doubt they'll show up), Sincerety, Humor.
I can't cope without laughing and so glad the Lord gave me a sense of humor.
I'd rather laugh, it's too easy to cry at the type of an @. We haven't been
able to see her children for 4 years -- why? *He* says I hug too hard!!!

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