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[IP] Red: Biggest Baby

> My youngest son was over 8 weeks early, and weighed 7# 6 oz.  The largest
> kid in the neo-natal unit.  He did stop
> breathing during the first 24 hours.  I didn't want to imagine how big he
> have been if he went to term.

Addendum to my original post: My 10#er was 17 days early, very orange, had
black hair even on her upper arm/shoulders like Cookie in the Beetle Bailey
cartoon. She was placed in an isolette for 3 days and hit the sides of it.
When they brought her to me the first time (5 hrs. old), I said, "Well, I
have hopes for her." She lost 2#; didn't eat for 3 days though acted very
hungry. She had a mild case of Hyaline Membrane Disease. That is what
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died from a few months after my dau's birth. My
second one (10 mos. 14 days later) was 7#12oz and 23 days early - both
induced labor. He had severe Hyaline Membrane Disease. They wheeled me to
the nursery the next day to see him. He remained in the hospital 15 days and
we were not allowed to touch him or bother him. He was in an isolette 11
days. He turned very dark from lack of oxygen and couldn't cry out loud,
although he obviously was going through the motions, until he was 2.5 months
old. He had projectile burps (2'-3': Watch out, walls!!) until he walked at
15 months. He was 2 grades behind in school but we got special help for him.
He is 6', just turned 38 y/o and has a 25% disability due to falling off a
roof 9/27/99. He's the daddy of our 14 m/o baby granddaughter. Neither
offspring show signs of DM. While growing up, none of our health-care givers
were ever concerned about testing them.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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