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Re: [IP] losing weight without having low BG

It sounds to me like you may be using your basals to cover part of your 
meal, rather than just the bolus.  I have dieted, not reset basals, not 
reset insulin/carb ratios, and had no problem at all.

I would suggest that, while on the diet, you both fasting basal tests and 
re-check your insulin/carb ratios.  Then whether the problem with lows is 
due to the diet or a problem with your previous basal/bolus amount, you 
should be able to diet without a problem.


At 10:26 PM 4/9/00 -0400, Jackie wrote:
 >I too am finding it so difficult to stay on a diet.  When I do have a great
 >dieting day I always end up with a low and have to eat or drink sweet 
 >Then I am discouraged and quit the diet.  

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