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[IP] Re: alcohol (no, not the rubbing stuff, the good stuff)

Recently Laura asked:

>I was wondering what people's experience with alcohol
>is. Last night I went out with a bunch of friends and
>drank maybe a little too much; however I thought I had
>covered for the carbs. (I wasn't drinking any of those
>sweet mixed drinks either, only some beer and a gin
>and tonic).

Hoo, boy, I was wondering how long it would be before we got onto this
topic! This should be fun! There are all sorts of official and contradictory
pronouncements I've come across from CDEs and the literature.

But I'm not gonna start any fireworks yet myself. I do want to note, though,
that normal tonic water has a good deal of sugar in it (check the
ingredients), so you really can't claim you had no sweet drinks. Most
grocery stores carry diet versions that are quite acceptable, but it's
difficult to get that in a bar.

--Keith Johnson, who swears this fall he's going to brew some homemade beer
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