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Re: [IP] infected sites AND behaviour (LONG)

on the site problems:

Something I was warned about is to try not to hold the business end of the
set where you are breathing, as you prime it and are trying to see when the
insulin gets through.  My CDE emphasized this as very important in avoiding
infections.  If you are holding it up and close to your eyes while you try
to prime it, that could be enough to get the critters introduced.  I find it
helpful to look at the end of the set against a black background -- it makes
the drop of insulin easier to see.  YMMV.

on the behavior:

I don't know about Paddy, but I do know that my son's radar seemed to pick
up on when I was under stress, and his behavior deteriorated rapidly.  I'd
chalk it up to a little kid's reaction to his own and your level of stress
while establishing a new routine -- I know that Steve (son) regressed about
a year in self-control when we moved when he was 5.  And I wasn't sticking
things into him! :)  It worked best for Steve to try not to overreact, but
not let him get away with horrid behavior either -- sometimes kids are
testing to see if the boundaries are still where they used to be, and it
reassures them in a perverse way when they get in trouble when they know
they darn well should.

For what it's worth.

Kathy Trondsen

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